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Storage Recommendations

  • Pipe should be stored at the job site in the manufacturer provided packages.
  • Caution should be used to prevent damage to the bell end of the pipe.
  • In case of stacked units of pipe be sure no deformation occurs to lower units.
  • Note: Bottom units should be supported by racks or dunnage.
  • When exposure to direct sunlight is expected for extended periods of time the pipe should be covered by an opaque material while allowing airflow.
  • Do not store near heat sources.
  • While stacking, be sure it doesn’t cause instability.


  • Avoid severe impacts and abrasion damage.
  • When unloading lower, do not drop, from the truck
  • In preparation for installation, pipe should be as close to trench as practical and on opposite side from excavated Earth with the bell end facing direction of progress.
  • In subfreezing temperatures damage may occur more easily, use caution.