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Sewer - Short Form Specification

ASTM D-3040 & ASTM F-679 4" - 18" SDR 35, S 4" - 15" SDR-26 Heavy Wall Sewer Pipe


This specification designates requirements for polyvinyl chloride (PVC) sewer pipe with integral bell and spigot joints.


Pipe shall be made from Class 12454-B as prescribed in ASTM-1784. All sewer pipe shall meet the requirements of ASTM D-3034 for sizes 4" - 15" and ASTM F-679 for 18" pipe. The Standard Dimension Ration (SDR) of all pipe and fittings shall be 35 unless otherwise specified. Heavy wall sewer pipe shall be SDR-26 for sizes 4" - 15"


All pipe shall be suitable for use as a gravity sewer. Sizes and dimensions shall be as designated in ASTM D-3034 and F-679.

Standard length shall ay 13 ft. or 20 ft.


Pipe shall have an integral bell with a gasket seal, which has been reinforced with a steel ring, band, or other rigid material that permanently locks the gasket in place during manufacturing, The joint shall be in compliance with the requirments of ASTM D-3212 (Joints for drain and sewer plastic pipes using flexible elastomeric seals). Gaskets shall be of a lock-in type gasket, Reiber Type or equal design, meeting the requirements of ASTM F-477.